Individual working relations

Anticipating the hiring for a successful relationship

How to choose a future employee and the type of employment contract? How to draft and amend the contract? Which specific clauses should be inserted (variable remuneration, bonus, working time, mobility, non-compete clause, etc.)? How to manage the hiring administrative formalities and the probationary period?

Dealing with the daily relationship

How to deal with employees’ evaluation process, promotion, training, occupational accident or disease, absenteeism, replacement, comeback, professional incompetence, disciplinary problems, etc.?

Managing the termination on your initiative

Which option should be chosen: “rupture conventionnelle” (mutually agreed termination), dismissal, redundancy, transfer of the contract of employment, enforced retirement? What are the lengths, the costs and the obligations of each procedure?

Managing the termination on the employee’s initiative

How to react when an employee resigns, notifies the termination (“prise d’acte de la rupture”), asks for a mutually agreed termination or announces her/his retirement? What are the obligations? What are the length and cost of the procedure?